Construction and Design

Construction and Design 

We offer many different ways for you to showcase your project to your client and potential clients.  We can track the progress of your construction or design with professional video and photography.  The best source of advertising that you have is the person you are doing the work for.  If you can keep your client happy with seeing your progress along with having something that they are proud to show their friends that can translate into referral business.  Let us do the work for you from drone videos to interior and exterior photography, we can make your project look its best.


Architectural Features 

Whether you are in the beginning phases or all the way to the finish line we specialize ing making sure the subject of your design stands out.  We work with all levels of the design process from contractors to designers and everything in between.  Show off that amazing design work and the natural beauty that surrounds it by having your project professionally photographed and captured on video.  We were able to showcase this beautiful home in Northern Michigan for Shapiro and Company an architectural firm who designed this amazing lakefront home.

See your project come to life

If you want your project to stand out try using video and photography done right.  We give you what you need to market yourself online with social media or your website.  Share videos and let others know the work you are doing.  Let your client use the video to share with their friends to gain referral business.  We have served many builders and designers and know what it takes to make your imagery look fantastic.